Collection: Crystal Singing Bowls

Root Chakra

Physical Identity, Stability, Grounding

Helps us to feel grounded and stable


Sacral Chakra

Sexuality, Pleasure, Creativity

Relates to our emotions, creativity and sexual energy


Solar Plexus Chakra

Self-Esteem, Confidence

Relates to our confidence, expression and sense of control


Heart Chakra

Love, Compassion

Influences our ability to give and receive love. Opens us to compassion and empathy


Throat Chakra


Helps us to express ourselves and our truth with wisdom and clarity


Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, Imagination

Opens our third eye to the spiritual world. Enhances our psychic abilities and intuition.


Crown Chakra

Awareness, Intelligence

Connects us to our higher self, our true spiritual purpose and helps us to connect to the energy and wisdom of the universe.