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Twelve Archangels Pack


Archangel Metatron - Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra) - This is a stone for your Moon in Aquarius, which brings clarity, messages & even epiphanies to the deep Aquarium.

Archangel Rahuel - Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra) - Promotes serenity & calm, relieving stress & calming the mind & the heart. Brings inner peace.

Archangel Tzaphkiel - Lapis Lazuli (Throat Chakra) - Lapis is associated with Saturn, which rules over Capricorn. It helps to expand the perspective of the prudent Capricorn.

Archangel Ekenor - Sodalite (Throat Chakra) - Throat Chakra. Communicating with Wisdom & Confidence. Benefits the thyroid & vocal cords. Relates to the Thyroid Gland.

Archangel Zadkeil - Rose Qtz (Heart Chakra) - It brings a peaceful, loving energy to our heart, with the encouragement that we are divinely cared for.

Archangel Chamuel - Bloodstone (Heart Chakra) - The Stone of Courage. It helps the empathetic & sensitive Pisces to face his or others' situations with greater strength.

Archangel Raphael - New Jade (Heart Chakra) - Attracts Love & Money. Great for those starting up or starting again with businesses or any financial projects.

Archangel Haniel - Citrine (Solar Plexus) - Its bright, cheerful energy dissolves tension & anxiety, while working to improve our good fortune & happiness.

Archangel Michael - Labradorite (Solar Plexus) - The most powerful stone for psychic protection. It protects us from encountering negative entities & deflects psychic attacks.

Archangel Gabriel - Carnelian (Sacral Chakra) - Brings forth passion, confidence & endurance to overcome any obstacles with our loved ones.

Archangel Sandalphon - Black Tourmaline (Root Chakra) - Supreme Protection. Protection from theft & ill intentions.

Archangel Uriel - Garnet - Root Chakra) - It revitalises, purifies and balances our energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.


Ways To Use Crystals In Your Everyday Routine

Crystals, also known as gems, carry within themselves the wisdom and power  of thousands of years of Earth's history, granting them a healing energy that we can use for our benefit and the benefit of those around us.

Here are some ways to work and connect with your crystals:

-  Carry Your Crystal(s) with You.

You can carry your crystals in your bag, pocket, or wear it as a pendant (placing it in a macramé pouch). Try connecting with your crystal as much as possible, remembering of its beautiful properties, and absorbing them throughout your day.

-  Hold a Crystal or Group of Crystals (Crystal Pack) during Prayer or Meditation

Connect with your crystal(s), and feel their energy flowing through your body.

-  Create a Crystal Altar.

Find a Special Place in your home for your Crystal Altar. It should be somewhere where you spend a fair bit of time (crystals do not like being left forgotten). Place three Apophyllite crystals like this: the biggest one at the back, a medium one on the right hand side, and a small one in front of the biggest one (it will look like a triangle pointing to the right). Then, place other crystals you feel drawn towards, in any way you like (follow your intuition). We would recommend including crystals that correspond to each chakra system, as well as Lemurian crystals, as they help to bring messages and to problem solve.   

-  Create a Crystal Grid.

Arrange some crystals into a sacred geometrical grid, such as, the Metatron Cube, or Flower of Life, so as to magnify the power of your crystals.

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