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Casa Alhambra Crystals

Super Trio (Moldavite) Pendant (mx603)

Super Trio (Moldavite) Pendant (mx603)

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Super Trio Pendant

Includeds: Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Campo del Cielo

Moldavite is the supreme crystal to bring transformation into our lives. It opens doors and infuses us with confidence and determination to fulfil our dreams. It’s a tektite (meteorite origin) and has the energy of the cosmos and of mother earth.

Herkimers are the greatest cleansers of all crystals. They will keep us, our homes and offices free from all negative energies. They are excellent for keeping other crystals clean, for re-charging them and for greatly amplifying their power.

Campo del Cielo is a powerful tektite also known as the Pheonix Stone. This is because it helps us to rise from challenging and painful experiences into a stronger, more powerful person. It awakens our psychic powers, opening doorways to the soul's life purpose. It releases karmic ties and dissolves past life contracts.

Set in 925 Sterling Silver

Free Gift Box, Description Card, Silver Plated Chain and Polishing Cloth Included


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