Our Team

The Casa Alhambra is a family founded and run business. The business originally consisted of Lily, Pio and their three sons, Alex, Joseph and Andrew. With the growth of their business, they moved from operating in stalls at local markets, to having an actual shop front. Since then, The Alhambra have been host to many practitioners.
Lily in many ways is the heart and soul of Casa Alhambra. She was the first one to propose the idea of selling crystals and jewellery. As the shop grew, so did her knowledge in various spiritual beliefs and practices, and has become an incredibly accomplished Tarot Reader and Reiki Healer. Now she helps people through emotional healing and journey to enlightenment and wellbeing.
Pio has always been the life and joy of our shop. As well as being and established Reiki healer, his knowledge is unmatched and can find the right crystal for anyone for their various needs. His commitment to every customer makes his an invaluable source of information.
Alex is the eldest son and with his marketing and advertising prowess, has been a crucial to the business's success in being discovered. He handles our social media accounts and management of jewellery and inventory, keeping new products coming in.
Joe is the second son and handles the finance and maintains the quality of our products. His keen knowledge with numbers and geology make him the glue that holds this business together.
Andrew is the youngest son and has a mind for technology. He not only does IT for both the online shop and in store, but also is creatively proficient in video editing, web design and packaging. 
Rocio has been a newer addition to the Casa Alhambra family, but was already a well seasoned Reiki healer and Tarot Reader. Her techniques come from shamanic teachings and is also host to the Cacao Ceremonies we hold. 
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