Cleansing Your Crystals

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Sage and Palo Santo
Sage or smudging sticks clear away those bad vibes and negative energies that we and our crystals can absorb over time. Sage is great at enhancing our intuition and helping us to better connect to the spiritual world.
Palo Santo works in a similar way to sage or smudging as it also clears away any negative energies and purifies and uplifts our energies in preparation for spiritual work. Palo Santo translates to “holy wood” and has been used by shamans and spiritual healers for centuries.
How to Cleanse Your Crystals
One of the best ways to cleans your crystals is to use both Sage and Palo Santo at the same time. You simply light them both (using a candle or tealight works best) then put out the flame and use the smoke to fan them over your crystals (using a smudging feather can help with this).
When to Cleanse Your Crystals
It really varies on how often an individual should cleanse their crystals. If you are preparing for a New Moon or Full Moon ritual then it is always a must. A good rule of thumb is approximately every couple of weeks but if you are feeling that you are dealing with a bit more negative energies than usual, then you can even do it on a daily basis.

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