Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the 7th Chakra.


Symbol: Lotus with one thousand multi-coloured petals.

Colour: White & Clear

Location: The very top of the head.

Body Parts Affected: Head, Brain, Pineal Gland.



It gives us a spiritual connection to the Higher Realms, the Angelic Realms and the Creator. 

The Crown Chakra deals with our inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality and pure bliss.

It helps us to access and develop our psychic skills, such as, telepathy, seeing auras, lucid dreaming, out of body travel, healing.

Crystals and Gemstones for the Crown Chakra:

Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Azeztulite, Selenite, Optical Calcite.


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