All Gemstones Descriptions

All Gemstones Descriptions

Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell, also called ‘Paua Shell’ is very valuable when working through emotional situations, whether they be past or present. Abalone Shell helps with anxiety and stress. Abalone Shell instils love, gentleness, caring, compassion and peace. Abalone Shell stimulates psychic development.


Agate harmonizes body, mind and spirit. It enhances mental function. It improves physical strength and supports our spiritual connections and strengths. Agate is a great stone for athletic tasks. Agate’s soothing energy assists with sleep.


Alexandrite is ‘The Stone of Prosperity and Longevity’. This colour-changing stone is nature’s magic trick. It is rare and much sought-after. It balances mind and promotes spiritual growth. Alexandrite is a powerful stone that strengthens creative abilities.


Amazonite is ‘The Stone of Courage and Truth’. It empowers us to discover our own truths and to live accordingly. Amazonite brings healing, prosperity and wisdom to problem solve. It calms the brain and the nervous system. Amazonite dispels negativity. It helps during challenging situations.


Amber is known as ‘The Pain Relief Stone’. It helps us to handle fears and pains. It is used by children when teething, as a way to reduce the pain. It eases pain in joints and ligaments and energizes the body.


Amethyst is ‘The Stone of Peace and Harmony’. Amethyst relieves stress and calms the heart. Amethyst alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity. It brings inner peace, as well as peace with those around us. Amethyst is a protective stone.

Amethyst is definitely one of the most magical stones in the world. It is highly treasured and valued for its striking beauty and various unique formations and shades of purple.


Ametrine is ‘The Stone of Optimism’. Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, and therefore, powerfully intertwines the qualities of both stones. Ametrine brings inner peace, success and happiness. It helps us to remain positive during long illnesses. Ametrine stimulating energy fights fatigue.


Ammolites are a wonderful and very rare iridescent gemstone, which are formed from Ammonites (fossil). They can be found in every colour of the rainbow, as well as in various colour combinations.

While Ammonites are found all over the world, Ammolites are only found in the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

The grade, and therefore, the value of an Ammolite gemstone is determined by the following criteria: The number of primary colours, the way the colours 'play' and the brightness of colours (iridescence). Ammolites are neither easily, nor often imitated.

Ammolites are known as 'The Miracle Granting Gemstone'. Because of its Earth connection, opalescence and structure, Ammolites bring abundance, good luck and prosperity. They also attract miracles into our life!

Ammolites facilitates the flow of 'Chi' in us, which is essential for good health. They help to improve our mood assisting us in overcoming depression and trauma. Ammolites convert negative energy into positive energy. They strengthen our vibrational energy and deepen the connection with our higher selves during meditations.


Ammonites are very powerful earth healing fossils. They have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force (Chi) within. They attract health, prosperity and success. Ammonites increase stamina, vitality and survival instincts.


Angelite has a soothing energy that has a calming effect during times of heavy stress. It has a vibration that assists us connecting with the angels and receive their wisdom. Angelite helps us when dealing with difficult situations or people. Angelite promotes peace.

Apache Tears Obsidian

Apache Tears is the supreme stone for soothing grief. It helps when dealing with great loss. It absorbs sad and negative emotions. Legend says that they were formed from the tears of Apache widowed women grieving their lost warrior husbands.


Apatite is related to service and to humanitarian pursuits. Apatite is attuned to the future, yet connects to past lives. It increases motivation, creativity and intellect. Angelite soothes the heart and emotions. It balances our body, soul and mind.

Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura is a gemstone of Success and Abundance. Aqua Aura compromises the mixture of gold and quartz. It attracts success, abundance and wealth. Aqua Aura brings us protection from those who may try to drain our energy. Aqua Aura also enhances our self-esteem.

Aqua Chalcedony

Aqua Chalcedony is a stone of calmness, kinship and goodwill. It enhances group stability. Aqua Chalcedony balances mind, body and spirit. It helps our mind to stimulate new ideas and foster mental and emotional stability. Aqua Chalcedony is a great emotional cleanser.


Aqua Marine cleanses and soothes our inner self, and helps us to let go of toxic feelings and memories. Aqua Marine helps us to move forward wisely and with confidence. Aqua Marine clears channels of communication, so that we may connect with others in a heartfelt and deep level.


Aragonite helps bring peace and serenity to volatile situations. It helps us to release issues from the past. It increases our ability to remain patient and efficient, even in the most challenging situations. Aragonite helps us our bodies to relax, sleep well and to heal faster.


Astrophyllite is ‘The Stone for those of Extra-terrestrial Origin’. Astrophyllite is a stone of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. It helps us to recognize our purpose for being here. Astrophyllite aligns us with our soul’s purpose. It is great at enhancing our psychic abilities.


Atlantisite enables us to retrieve wisdom, information and even skills from past lives. Atlantisite helps us to resolve issues from past lives in Atlantis and to bring to completion projects began then. Atlantisite brings the positive energies of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Auralite 23

Auralite 23 is an Amethyst crystal containing 23 different elements. Auralite 23 is ‘The Stone of Awakening’. It helps us to awaken on every level. Auralite 23 is a powerful Soul Healer and Emotional Healer. It helps us to connect with our guides and angels.

Australian Gaspeite

Australian Gaspeite expands our consciousness so that we are more aware of how to live our life in the everyday world. It assists us to be aware of the spiritual aspects of situations as they occur. It helps us to release hurt feelings and helps us to forgive.


Azurite guides our souls to enlightenment. It enhances our insight, vision, intuition and intellect. Azurite clears away tension and confusion and opens the mind to new perspectives. Azurite awakens psychic abilities. It assists exploring past lives and parallel universes.

Azurite in Quartz (K2)

The frequency of the K2 stone opens our consciousness to see the ‘bigger picture’ of one’s life’s experiences. K2 gives us greater awareness and clarity of thought to see clearly what is right for us to find answers to our lives’ questions.

Black Agate

Black Agate gives inner strength to move on and it is also very helpful in keeping the peace in stressful households. Black Agate brings courage. It removes hexes, helps eliminate bad luck. Black Agate is a grounding and protective. It helps during periods of bereavement.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is known as ‘The Stone of the Inner Strength’. It dispels negative mental patterns and turns them into positive ones. It encourages persistence, willpower and enhances mental ability. Black Onyx is grounding and provides overall protection. Onyx helps with physical strength.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is ‘The Supreme Protection Stone’. It protects us against negative energy from people and radiation from cell phones. It dispels negative energies and entities and destructive forces. It is very grounding and promotes stability.


Bloodstone improves physical and emotional strength. It enhances love for family, makes business prosper and increases wealth. Bloodstone fosters audible oracle ability, that is, using sounds as means of guidance.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate boosts our ability to communicate the thoughts and feelings that we receive from our higher self. It helps us to express ourselves in the most beautiful and effective way possible. Blue Lace will neutralize any angry and negative emotion that wer are feeling.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is known as ‘The Stone of Truth, Forgiveness, Hope and Joy’. It helps us to find our true purpose and destiny. Topaz removes stagnant energies. It refreshes and rejuvenates us spiritually and physically. Topaz helps with releasing tension.

Campo del Cielo

Campo del Cielo is known as ‘The Stone of The Phoenix’. Campo del Cielo helps us raise from challenging and painful experiences into a stronger, more powerful person.

Campo del Cielo awakens our psychic powers, opening doorways to the soul’s life purpose. Campo del Cielo releases Karmic ties to the past.


Carnelian is ‘The Stone of Action’. It helps us to clarify our goals and to find the best way forward. Carnelian promotes confidence with public performances. It helps us to overcome difficulties and to follow our passions. Carnelian boosts our endurance.


Cavansite is a stone of revelation, breakthrough, understanding, prophecy and spiritual enlightenment. Cavansite helps with clear communication and assists in connecting us to guides and teachers. Cavansite assists with developing clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Celestobarite helps us to be open to receive guidance from the higher dimensions. It is also very protective and supportive during Shamanic journeys. It helps us to view our life’s experiences from all angles, with discernment and wisdom.


Charoite allows us access to lessons learned in past lives, healing emotional fears to live in the present and opening to spiritual guidance for the future. Charoite supports those who care for the sick, elderly or children. Charoite imparts vigour and determination in life.


Chiastolite fosters harmony and peace. It counters disagreements between people of different ideas and transforms their attitudes into one of harmonious agreement. Chiastolite connects with the Akashic records to discover past life information. Chiastolite is very protective.

Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside helps us to let go of negative emotions and not to feel overwhelmed by the problems of life. It teaches us the value of trust and forgiveness and assists us in reconciling with those who have hurt us in the past. Chrome Diopside brings joy back into our lives.


Chrysocolla is known as ‘The Stone of Communication’. It helps us to communicate with wisdom, love, peace and discretion. It emphasizes the power our words and actions have on those around us. Chrysocolla teaches us the value of both expression and the virtue of keeping silent.


Chrysoprase is known as ‘The Stone of Abundance’. It brings prosperity and love into our lives. It assists those who have been finding life difficult. Chrysoprase helps our heart to heal and to have hope again. It assists us to find purpose in our lives and to live accordingly.


Citrine is known as ‘The Stone of Success and Happiness’. It brings good fortune to our life and business. It brings us success, financial abundance, personal power and joy.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as ‘The Stone of Clarity’. It clears internal and external negative energies. It balances and revitalizes our mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Clear Quartz brings us energy. It aids concentration and unlocks memory.

Copper Purple Turquoise

Copper Purple Turquoise is ‘The Stone of Happiness and Good Fortune’. Turquoise benefits our overall mood by inducing in us a sense of peace. It helps us to obtain a good stand with others and helps us to make friends. Turquoise brings good fortune and dispels negativity.


Danburite is known as ‘The Lucid Dreaming Stone’. Danburite promotes lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is having great awareness of what is happening while dreaming. Danburite helps contacting angels, spirit guides and the universal mind, accessing their teachings.

Dendrite Opal

Dendrite Opal is ‘The Stone of Inspiration’. It inspires us to fulfil our dreams and helps us to direct our thoughts and energies into accomplishing them. It brings renewal into our lives. Dendrite Opal inspires us to live a life full of love, hope and happiness. Dendrite Opal enhances memory.


Emerald is known as “The Gemstone of Prosperous Love’. It promotes love, loyalty, unity and domestic bliss. It enhances our ability to enjoy life to the fullest. It strengthens friendship. Emerald brings physical, emotional and mental equilibrium, bringing harmony to all areas of life.


Eudialyte is known as ‘The Stone of Synchronicity’. It has the ability to cause coincidence or synchronicity to occur in our lives. It helps us recognize what direction to take in our lives and to discover what our life path is.


Garnet cleanses and re-energises the chakras. It revitalises, purifies and balances our energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. It inspires love and devotion. Garnet strengthens our survival instinct. It helps to increase our energy levels.

Germany Psylomelane Dendrite

Germany Psylomelane Dentrite enhances inner strength, resilience and our own natural resources. It helps us to master our life with love and objectivity. Germany Psilomelane Dendrite also assists in understanding the divine meaning of life, as well as, profound spiritual concepts.

Gibeon Meteorite

Gibeon is ‘The Stone of Ingenuity’. Being a meteorite, Gibeon brings into our lives the greater energy of the universe. Thus, it enhances our psychic intuition and awakens the genius within us. It gives us the aptitude, strength and endurance required to undergo change.

Golden Healer

Golden Healer is a wonderful Light-workers Stone. It protects, reinvigorates and heals light-workers. It allows the golden light of the Universal Life Force to flow into our body, clearing blockages and bringing multi-level healing. Golden Healer facilitates communications between worlds and dimensions.

Golden Rutile

Golden Rutile amplifies our thoughts, allowing us to access our divine mind and receive divine inspirations. It helps us to clarify our thoughts, goals and desires. Golden Rutile helps to manifest what we desire in our life.

Golden Seraphinite

Golden Seraphinite is ‘The Angel Stone’. It facilitates communication with the angelic beings. It promotes unconditional love around us. Its black shades make it a protective stone. Its golden shades bring joy into our lives. Golden Seraphinite protects us from black magic.

Green Amethyst (Prasiolite)

Green Amethyst, also known as Prasiolite, is ‘The Stone of Spiritual Growth’. Green Amethyst is a stone born from fire. Purple Amethyst is transformed into Green Amethyst by the heat within the earth, from volcanoes. It brings us that ‘test by fire’ overcoming energy, to overcome obstacles and to grow spiritually.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine aligns conditions for opportunity and prosperity. It brings good luck, manifesting prosperity and wealth. Green Aventurine increases perception, creativity, intellect and mental clarity. Green Aventurine supports the heart and alleviates anxiety.

Green Onyx

Green Onyx is ‘The Stone of Inner Strength’. It dispels negative mental patterns and turns them into positive ones. Green Onyx encourages persistence, willpower and enhances mental ability. Green Onyx is grounding and provides overall protection. Green Onyx helps with physical strength.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline is 'The Best Healing Crystal for the Physical Heart'. It brings energy to all parts of the body. It encourages courage, strength, stamina and vitality. It inspires creativity and helps to manifest our goals. It attracts good luck, success, abundance and prosperity.


Hematite promotes general health and eases pain. Hematite uses its magnetic qualities to balance our meridians and bring equilibrium to our nervous system. Hematite absorbs negative energy and clams in times of stress. Hematite is very protective.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are stunning double terminated quartz crystals that have a clarity and shape similar to that of Diamonds. Herkimer Diamonds are found in the Herkimer County in New York and the Mohawk River Valley.


Iolite is ‘The Muse Stone’. It activates the visionary and creative side of the mind. Iolite helps us to access thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary. It inspires creative and artistic endeavours. Iolite enlightens the connection between the heart and mind and ignites our passion for expression.


Jade is ‘The Stone of Good Luck’. It brings abundance and prosperity into our lives. Jade fills our hearts with courage. It opens our hearts with unconditional love and love for life. Jade is calming, cleansing and protecting.


Jasper is ‘The Supreme Nurturer Stone’. It provides comfort, security, strength and healing. It helps us transform our ideas into action and brings us prosperity. Jasper is good for healing grief, bringing deep emotional healing. Jasper strengthens our immune system.


Kyanite promotes kind, peaceful and harmonious relationships. It assists us in working through disagreements and disputes and in healing damaged relationships. Kyanite acts as a bridge for transmitting or receiving healing energy.


Labradorite is known as ‘The Stone of Magic’. It awakens mystical, magical and psychic abilities within us. It assists us in accessing the Akashic records, past live recall and also with communicating with higher guides. Labradorite is the most powerful stone for Psychic protection.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is ‘The Stone of Leadership’. It awakens leadership qualities within us, such as wisdom, vision, power and honour. Lapis Lazuli assists us to problem solve. It stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages objectivity. It is protective and may be worn to guard against psychic attacks.


Larimar, also known as Blue Pectolite, is a rare gemstone, found only in The Dominican Republic, in the Caribeean. Larimar brings us the Sea and Sky energies into our lives. It brings us the ancient wisdom of Atlantis. Larimar helps us releasing emotional bonds. It provides us with courage to speak openly from the heart. Larimar helps us to parent with peace, without anxiety.

Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz is ‘The Stone of Optimism’. Lemon Quartz helps the mind find clarity and a brighter outlook on a particular situation and life in general. It supports us with creativity while working on our personal goals. Lemon Quartz attracts prosperity and abundance.


Lemurian is known as ‘The Message Stone’. It offers answers to our questions and insights into situations. It brings us the wisdom and knowledge of the Lemurian people (a civilization before the Atlantis) for our benefit and the benefit of the planet.


Malachite is ‘The Stone of Progress and Wisdom’. Malachite is a stone for promoting positive transformation, manifestation and abundance. It helps us to release the lingering effects of negative experiences. Malachite promotes success in wise decision making, business matters.

Malachite in Azurite

Malachite in Azurite brings us the healing energies of these two stones, bringing dep healing forces. It cleanses the subconscious of emotionally charged thoughts or negative feelings, restoring a higher and clearer mental state.

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite is ‘The Reiki Stone’. It has a gentle but powerful motherly love energy that assists with general healing, and particularly with healing of our inner child. Mangano Calcite helps us heal from past inner child hurts and even past abuse hurts.


Moldavite is known as 'The Holy Grail Stone'. It is the supreme crystal to bring transformation into our lives. It opens doors and infuses us with confidence and determination to fulfil our dreams. 

Moldavite is actually a tektite that was formed when a meteorite hit earth in what is now known as the Czech Republic approximately 15 million years ago As a tektite, it has high cosmic energy fused with that of mother earth.

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite is a powerful healing stone that connects us with the Earth’s energies. It provides stability, which helps in boosting our immune system. Mookaite is a highly restorative stone, which helps us in the restoration of our body. It helps to reduce stress.


Moonstone is known as ‘The New Beginnings Stone’. It is a stone of inner growth and strength. It takes us in an inward journey, taking us deep into the self to retrieve the parts of the soul that were forgotten and brings them to light. Moonstone enhances intuition and brings success.


Morganite helps to attract and maintain love. It activates and cleanses the Heart Chakra, connecting to Divine Love. It brings a sense of deep peace and joy, both within us and with the world. It allows for a release of emotions at a rate that is perfect for us.

Nephrite Jade

Nephrite Jade is ‘The Gemstone of Good Luck’. Jade brings abundance and prosperity into our lives. It fills our hearts with courage. Jade opens our hearts with unconditional love and love for life. Jade is calming, cleansing and protecting.


Opal is ‘The Stone of Inspiration’. Opals inspire us to visualise our goals and direct our creativity and energies into accomplishing them. Opals inspire us to live a life full of love, hope and happiness. Opals also stimulate our dreams and help us to express them into artwork.

Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite is ‘The Stone of the Mind’. It is the supreme stone for learning, as it increases memory and learning abilities. Thus, it is a great stone for students. Optical Calcite clears negative energies in relationships and negative energies in general. Optical Calcite heals emotional and mental conditions.


Orthoceras are the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal. They are believed to increase life span, stimulate the mind and enhance telepathy. Orthoceras are believed to contain supernatural and physical healing powers.

Owyhee Opal

Owyhee Opal is ‘The Stone of Inspiration’. It inspires us to fulfil our dreams and helps us to direct our thoughts and energies into accomplishing them. It brings renewal into our lives. Opal inspires us to live a life full of love, hope and happiness. Opal enhances memory.


Pearl is known as ‘The Stone of Sincerity’. Pearls enhance personal integrity. They promote sincerity, truth, loyalty and integrity. Pearls enlighten the mind and bring wisdom. They enhance positive, uplifting feelings. Pearls help dissolve negativity and struggles in life.


Peridot is ‘The Stone of Plenty’. It helps to increase wealth, health and joy. Peridot is a powerful cleanser of negative emotions. It helps to dissipate jealousy or resentment. Peridot helps us when making transitions from one cycle to another by leaving behind negative patterns from the past.

Peruvian Blue Opal

Peruvian Blue Opal, also called ‘Andean Opal’, is a lovely blue to blue-green stone that helps to bring joy back into our lives. It enhances our self-esteem so that we may speak our mind with wisdom and creativity. Peruvian Blue Opal encourages our ideas to flow freely. It encourages us to do what you need to do so as to keep balance and harmony in our life.

Petrified Coral

Petrified Coral is a combination of Coral and Agate. It enhances telepathic communication with other realms and dimensions, including family and friends who have passed away. It helps us with past lives recall and with understanding deep universal truths.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is ‘The Stone of Business Success’. Petrified Wood is a tree that has been fossilised over a long time. It is powerful in removing obstacles and in assisting us to reach our goals. Petrified Wood is a stone of transformation, assisting us to advance to our higher chosen level.


Pietersite is known as ‘The Tempest Stone’. Pietersite is a highly charged stone that has the ability to make all things new. Pietersite is a combination of all the Tiger Eyes and Jasper melted together, thus containing all of their properties. Pietersite increases our focus in life.

Pink Kunzite

Pink Kunzite is known as ‘The Stone of Emotion’. It opens and connects the heart to the mind. It assists us to be receptive to receiving unconditional and abundant love. Pink Kunzite calms our nervous system, so that we can perform better at school, work, exams and interviews.

Pink Opal

Pink Opal is known as ‘The Stone of Peace and Tranquility’. It is excellent for healing emotions and wounds of the heart. It assists us in bringing resolution to painful memories. Pink Opal is the stone of hope, joy and great achievements.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline brings and influx of love and happiness into our lives. It encourages a positive, cheerful frame of mind and help us to rise above feelings of misery and sorrow. Pink Tourmaline brings back our passion for living when we feel stressed or lack interest in life.


Prehnite is ‘The Stone of Prophesy’. It aids psychic development through meditation, visualisation, astral projection and dream work. It is a very psychic and spiritually protective stone. Prehnite helps us to produce heartfelt willpower and determination.

Purple Mohave Turquoise

Purple Mohave Turquoise is ‘The Stone of Happiness and Good Fortune’. Turquoise benefits our overall mood by inducing in us a sense of peace. It helps us to obtain a good stand with others and helps us to make friends. Turquoise brings good fortune and dispels negativity.


Purpurite helps us see the spiritual meaning behind what has been happening in our life. It makes us aware of any self-destructive situations that may be limiting our personal growth and helps us to clear these problems.


Pyrite is ‘The Stone of Empowerment’. It empowers our spirit to succeed with our dreams. Pyrite brings brightness and a playful joyfulness into our lives. Pyrite is a stone of action and ability, bringing us confidence and persistence to carry things through to completion.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite is ‘The Stone of Mental Order and Clarity’. Fluorite enhances mental clarity and brings a wiser, more balanced view of life, and improves decision making. Rainbow Fluorite helps us to bring plans to fruition. It enhances our focus, concentration and learning abilities.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is ‘’The Stone of Fairness and Justice’. It promotes fairness and helps in unfair situations. Red Jasper is helpful for gaining insight into how to ameliorate unfair situations. It provides comfort, stimulates deep emotional healing and protection during unfair situations.


Rhodochrosite is known as ‘The Deep Emotional Healing Stone’. It brings healing to our inner child and brings us a great childlike happiness and joy. Rhodochrosite soothes the heart, it stimulates warm feelings of love and compassion. Rhodochrosite energises the soul.


Rhodonite is known as ‘The Relationship Healer Stone’. Rhodonite helps with relationship problems. It stimulates acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional love towards others. It helps to bring peace to troubled relationships. Rhodonite balances emotions during traumatic times.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as ‘The Stone of Supreme Love’. It attracts love to us and from us. It purifies the heart, calms and reassures. Rose Quartz helps with self-love and self-acceptance. Rose Quartz dissolves emotional wounds. It helps beat depression and anxiety. Rose Quartz supports the heart.

Royal Imperial Jasper

Jasper is ‘The Supreme Nurturer Stone’. It provides comfort, security, strength and healing. It helps us transform our ideas into action and brings us prosperity. It is good for healing grief, bringing deep emotional healing. Jasper strengthens our immune system.


Ruby is ‘The Gemstone of Passion and Power’. Ruby charges passion into romance and life in general. Ruby brings a zest for life, boosts motivation and gives clarity of mind when setting goals. It grants us the power to move forward with confidence.

Ruby in Fuschite

Ruby Fuschite combines the properties of Ruby and Fuschite. Ruby is an energizing stone stimulating vitality, passion and enthusiasm. Fuschite amplifies the energy of other crystals and teaches true self-worth, and increases resilience.

Ruby in Matrix

Ruby in Matrix, also known as Anyiolite, is ‘The Stone of Passion and Power. It stimulates passion in romance and life in general. Ruby instils a zest for life, boosts motivation and gives clarity of mind when setting goals. Ruby grants us the power to move forward with confidence.

Ruby in Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite is ‘The Stone of Passion and Patience. It contains both the properties of fiery Ruby and earthy Zoisite. It is a ‘marriage’ of passion and patience. It helps us to maintain our individuality while still being part of the world around us. Ruby in Zoisite brings harmony in relationships.


Sapphire is known as ‘The Stone of Wisdom, Royalty and Prosperity’. Sapphire is associated with Divine favour. It was considered to be ‘the Gem of Gems’ by many kings and queens. Sapphire brings spiritual insight, gifts of all kinds and helps fulfilling dreams.


Schalendblend beautifully presents bands of creams, browns and silver. It is composed of Sphalerite, Wurtzite, Pyrite and Galena. Schalendblend helps us to have courage. It dispels worries and inner unrest. It enhances intuition and problem solving skills.


Scolecite is a stone that awakens the heart and facilitates deep inner peace and spiritual transformation. This lovely crystal helps us to bring the things that we desire into our life, as it helps us to take control of our life. Scolecite aids with sleep.


Selenite is known as ‘The Stone of Mental Clarity’. It enhances mental flexibility and enables strong decision-making abilities. Selenite is used for contacting and communicating with angels for guidance and for understanding of our place in the universe. Selenite removes negative energy.


Septarian, also known as ‘Dragon Stone’, is a special crystal, in that it brings unconscious foreknowledge of what is to come. It brings solid earth energy into a room or life. Septarian brings feelings of joy and spiritual uplifting. It is a helpful talisman for mental and spiritual problems.


Seraphinite is known as ‘The Gemstone of Divine Counsel’. It aids communication with angelic beings, particularly with the high-ranking class of the Seraphins. It brings divine light into our being, promoting spiritual growth. Seraphinite’s vibration brings and influx of light into the cells to aid healing on all levels.

Seven Chakras

Our beautiful Seven Chakra Jewellery will help to keep all your main chakras aligned and flowing freely, allowing for your better well-being.


Shattuckite helps us to align ourselves with the Divine mind and allows for our communications to reflect the Divine wisdom. It instils in us courage, aids us to heal relationships. Shattuckite helps to dissolve past live curses. 

Shiva Eye

Shiva Eye helps us to understand ourselves and the issues that are happening in our life. It is used to facilitate a deep understanding of our inner self. Shiva Eye is a transforming crystal which helps us to find a new path in life. Shiva Eye is a stone of wisdom.

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is used to improve our overall health. These stones are powerful as they stimulate the energy system of the entire boy and will improve our health and well-being. It is excellent for female issues and to enhance femininity.


Shungite is a wonderful healing stone. It is a mysterious carbon-based mineral containing a rare natural molecule called Fullerenes. The scientists who studied this molecule in the lab won a Nobel Prize for their discoveries. It is said to be the most powerful stone for physical health.


Smithsonite is great to boost psychic gifts, such as, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and boosting the flow of our intuition. It helps haling our inner child, assisting to let go of hurts and traumas. Smithsonite is beneficial when undergoing breaking point stress.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is ‘The Survival Stone’. It enhances our survival skills, helping us to make our wishes come true. It protects us from the negative energy of others. Smoky Quartz support the kidneys, abdomen, the pancreas and reproductive organs, assisting with fertility issues.


Sodalite is ‘The Stone of Insight’. It encourages us to live up to our own ideals and goals. It stimulates the mind’s problem-solving abilities. It inspires insight, rational thought, objectivity and intuition. It balances emotions, helping with confidence and self-esteem. It aids in overcoming insomnia and panic attacks.

Striped Flint

Striped Flint is known as ‘The Stone of Inspiration and Manifestation’. It assists us to manifest our aspirations into the physical world. Striped Flint enhances our intuition and gives us the ability to survive in difficult situations. Striped Flint is very grounding and protective.


Sunstone is ‘The Stone of Renewal’. Sunstone embodies the life-giving warmth, rejuvenation and endless possibilities of a ‘new day’. It increases vitality and strength. Sunstone stimulates self-healing powers by harmonising the body and soul.

Super Seven

Super Seven is a very powerful gemstone composed of Cacoxenite, Amethyst, Golden Rutile, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Goethite and Lepidocrocite. It combines and includes all of their energies. It strengthens us during our spiritual and metaphysical works.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz enhances our strength to pursue the things we want. It helps us balance our emotions, levelling them to make us feel calmer instead of feeling panicky or upset. Tangerine Quartz increases evolution of the inner self.


Tanzanite, also known as ‘Blue Zoisite’, is a very beautiful and rare gemstone of deep blue and purple colour. Tanzanite displays different colour saturation when viewed at different angles. Tanzanite is found only in the Arusha region of the African country of Tanzania.

Tanzanite is an excellent stone for spiritual exploration and exploration of psychic powers. It is very protective, preventing psychic impressions from becoming overwhelming. Tanzanite is great for Counsellors as it enhances intuition.


Thulite is a stone of love. It helps to strengthen and solidify relationships. It helps to bring happiness and joy into a relationship. Thulite inspires us to be more accepting and sympathetic towards others. It helps to remove doubts, negative thoughts and emotions.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is the stone possessing the most Yang energy. It helps us to focus, to take action and to succeed. Tiger Eye enhances our self-confidence, will-power, physical power and attracts financial prosperity. Tiger Eye promotes virility, output and endurance.

Tourmaline in Quartz

Tourmaline in Quartz is a variety of Clear Quartz with inclusions of Black Tourmaline. It, therefore, combines the properties of Tourmaline and Clear Quartz. It purifies our energies and protects us from negativity. Tourmaline in Quartz converts negative energy into positive energy.


Turquoise is ‘The Stone of Serenity and Connection’. Turquoise benefits our overall mood by inducing in us a sense of peace and connectedness. It helps us to obtain a good stand with others and helps us to form friendships. Turquoise brings good fortune and dissolves envy.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is a rare and beautiful crystal, that combines Pink and Green Tourmalines. It soothes the heart and cleanses it from anger, resentment and any other blockages. It helps us to achieve our goals by thinking outside the box and being resourceful to make our goals happen.

White Howlite

White Howlite helps dispelling anger, resentfulness and selfishness. It helps us to take ownership of our actions and to look inside for the answers to our problems or situations. It assists us getting insight from our past lives. White Howlite relieves stress.

White Topaz

White Topaz is known as ‘The Stone of Truth, Forgiveness, Hope and Joy’. It helps us to find our true purpose and destiny. Topaz removes stagnant energies. It refreshes and rejuvenates us spiritually and physically. Topaz helps with releasing tension.

Yellow Opal

Yellow Opal helps us to be more emotional stable, and to have a more positive state of mind. It enhances creativity and psychic abilities.


Zircon is not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia, which is a lab made crystal. Zircon is a powerful grounding stone, used to harmonise our inner goals and dreams with real life. Zircon helps us to focus on our ideals while working towards those goals.





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