Chakra: Third Eye, All Chakras
Ammolites are also known as “the Miracle Granting Stone '' because they attract miracles into our life. They facilitate the flow of Chi in us, which is essential for good health. Ammolites have a strong Earth connection, and bring abundance, good luck and prosperity.
They help to improve our mood assisting us in overcoming depression and trauma. Ammolites convert negative energy into positive energy. They strengthen our vibrational energy and deepen the connection with our higher selves during meditations.
While Ammonites are found all over the world, Ammolites are far more rar and are only found in the Rocky Mountains in Canada.
Ammolites are a wonderful and opal-like, iridescent gemstone which are formed from Ammonites (fossil).
They can be found in every color of the rainbow, as well as in various color combinations.
They most commonly display red, green and blue colors.
The grade, and therefore, the value of an Ammolite gemstone is determined by the following criteria: The number of primary colors, the way the colors 'play' and the brightness of colors (iridescence). Ammolites are neither easily, nor often imitated.
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