Herkimer Diamond

Chakra: Crown, All Chakras
Keywords: Cleansing and Recharging
Herkimer Diamonds works primarily on the Crown Chakra, but also is highly effective on all the Chakras.
herkimer diamond
Herkimers are very high vibrational crystals. 
Herkimers are the greatest cleansers and rechargers of all the crystals. They cleanse and recharge other crystals and get rid of negative energies around our homes and offices. 
herkimer diamonds
Herkimers work much in the same way as Clear Quartz crystals do, however, they do so with a greater amount of energy and effectiveness.
Herkimers amplify our intentions and help us to manifest and attract what is in alignment with our higher selves and the universe. Herkimers also amplify the energy of other crystals around them. 
herkimer diamond
Herkimers raise our vibration, enhance our psychic abilities and connect us to the spiritual dimension.
herkimer diamond
Scientific Qualities
Herkimer Diamonds are a type of Quartz Crystal but are special because of their structural formation and specific place of origin.
Herkimer Diamonds are found in the Herkimer county in New York, USA.
Herkimers are believed to be around five hundred million years old.
herkimer diamond
Herkimer Diamonds are technically not diamonds but are named as such because of its clarity and geometrical structure.
Herkimer Diamonds are essentially double terminated quarts crystals with a total of 18 faces.
herkimer diamond
Quartz Crystals do not usually form with double terminated tips.

Even though other crystals with the exact same structure can be found in other areas of the world, only the ones found in Herkimer county can actually be called Herkimer Diamonds.
herkimer diamond
Some variations can also be more smoky and dull in appearance.
Inclusions of carbon that look like black dots can sometimes be found in some Herkimer Diamonds.
herkimer diamond
Herkimer Stats:
Chemical Formula: SiO2
Chemical Classification: Silicate
Color: Colorless, Cloudy, Smoky
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Mohs Hardness: 7
Location: Only in Herkimer County, New York
Herkimer Diamond
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