Chakra: Crown
Moonstone is also known as “The New Beginnings Stone”.
It is a stone of inner growth and strength.
It takes us in an inward journey deep into the self to retrieve the parts of the soul that were forgotten and brings them to light. 
Moonstone enhances intuition and brings success. 
It also works at attracting and strengthening intimate relationships and is a great stone for bringing more romance into our lives. 
Moonstone deposits have been found in the Austrian Alps, Australia, Armenia, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Poland, Norway, India, Sri Lanka and the United States.
Rainbow Moonstone is the most popular type of moonstone and is actually a white variety of Labradorite that displays flashes of rainbow colors. 
Scientific Qualities
Technically speaking, Rainbow Moonstone is a white or translucent form of Labradorite with black tourmaline inclusions.
Normal Moonstone (simply referred to Moonstone) actually belongs to the feldspar group of minerals called orthoclase. Normal moonstone is a sodium, potassium, aluminium silicate.
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