Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra. 

Symbol: Circular flower with 12 green petals, called ‘the heart-mind’. Within it

                     we see two intersecting triangles, symbolising the union of the male and female.

Colours: Pink and Green

Location: Centre of chest just above the heart.

Body Parts Affected: Chest, Heart, Breasts, Lungs



 The Heart Chakra opens up our heart and gives us the ability to love unconditionally.

It gives us a greater sense of compassion and a true understanding of others and ourselves.

It helps us to let go of the past and aids in forgiving others.

The Heart Chakra has a healing and revitalizing energy that brings us joy and inner peace.

Crystals and Gemstones for the Heart Chakra:

Green Aventurine, Moldavite, Jade, Emerald, Rose Qtz, Pink Opal

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