How to Cleanse and Recharge Your Crystals

The Following is a list of different methods for Cleansing and Recharging your Crystals.
Crystals are a wonderful gift from nature. Their pure energies bring goodness and healing into our lives.  It is, however, important to take good care of them, and ensure that they remain clear from negative energies that may come from other people or situations.
Crystals are also, constantly, sharing their energy with us. It is therefore, also important, to ensure they remain “re-charged” at all times.
Fortunately, there are many things we can do to keep our crystals free from unwanted negative energies, and also for keeping them constantly re-charged.
Below are a few different ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals.

The Moon

The Moon, especially when it's a full moon, is a great way for cleansing and charging your crystals and gemstones.  Since ancient times, people from many different cultures believe that the moon represented cleansing from negative energies as well as possessing other magical and mysterious aura enhancing properties.  In particular, this is so for the Full Moon, where the moon is at its maximum luminosity. This is why to this day some people make a ritual of leaving their crystals out during a full moon, either in a bowl or directly on the ground, to take advantage of the magnetic forces of the moon in combination with the earth. 

Sage or Palo Santo

Another method is smudging the crystal with sage, palo santo.
Carefully light the sage or palo santo then after it has been burning for about 30 seconds, put out the flame. Then pass the sage or palo santo over the crystals so that the smoke moves around them.


 Another way of cleansing gemstones is with water. Water is a universal cleanser. If you have access to the ocean, ocean water is wonderful.  If not, spring water, lake water, and filtered water can also work well, as long as the water is either directly from nature or clean (filtered properly.)
Some people also add salt to their water, because of its electric properties. Salt mixed with water also creates an enhanced cleansing and purifying elixir.
One method is to simply rinse your crystals in a bowl of water.  Another similar method is to place your crystals in a glass and gently swirl the glass for a few seconds.
You can also place your crystals in sunlight to dry and to receive additional recharging and cleansing.

Special Exemptions

Most gemstones and crystals are suitable for cleansing in water and placing in sunlight. However, there are also a few exceptions.

What Not to Cleanse or Recharge with Water:

When it comes to cleansing or recharging your crystals and gemstones with water, definitely avoid using this method on any salt based or brittle stones. Some definite examples are: Selenite, Himalayan Salt, Raw (unpolished) Black Tourmaline.

What Not to Cleanse or Recharge with Sunlight:

The sun is usually a pretty safe method, however, Amethyst is particularly susceptible to fading and loosing it's color intensity when exposed to sunlight.

Herkimer Diamonds 

Life can get very hectic, at times, so let’s start with the most basic, yet highly effective, method of achieving these results. Herkimer Diamonds is the word. Herkimer Diamonds are the super cleansers of the crystal world. Herkimer Diamonds are excellent for keeping other crystals clean, for re-charging them, & for greatly amplifying their power.
Simply, place a Herkimer Diamond in the middle of your crystals. That will keep your crystals and the place where they are held (home, office) free from all negative energies and will also keep them super-charged at all times.
Herkimer Diamond
(to help keep each of the other surrounding crystals super-charged and amplified)
Clear quartz (for the Crown Chakra)
Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra)
Blue Topaz (Throat Chakra)
Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra)
Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Carnelian (Sacral Chakra)
Garnet & Smoky Quartz (Sacral & Base Chakra)

Also included is:
A Super cleansing stone that also soothes and works effectively on the Throat and Heart Chakra

Clear quarts natural point: The natural six-sided, elongated, shape of the quartz point is long believed to contain geometric significance as an amplifier of thoughts and intentions. It helps to channel random energy from the universe, process it, and output highly-charged balanced energy.

Some of the other special features of this elixir:
These wonderful crystals are selected for their rich colour and lovely shape
Mixed in special Shungite and carbon filtered water, to assist in removing any unwanted chemicals
Also includes the purifying energy of Himalayan Salt.

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