The Seven Chakras


The Seven Chakras are seven energy centers of the spiritual body.
This consists of:
1st Chakra - The Base (Root) Chakra
2nd Chakra - The Sacral Chakra
3rd Chakra - The Solar Plexus Chakra
4th Chakra - The Heart Chakra
5th Chakra - The Throat Chakra
6th Chakra - The Third Eye Chakra
7th Chakra - The Crown Chakra
 Chakras are the spiritual energy centers that are found within our spiritual bodies and they extend out into the universe.
Different colors vibrate and represent certain chakras.

White and Clear Colors are good for the Crown Chakra
Purple Colors are good for the Third Eye Chakra
Blue Colors are good for the Throat Chakra
Greens and Pink Colors good for the Heart Chakra
Yellow Colors are good for the Solar Plexus Chakra
Orange Colors are good for the Sacral Chakra
Blacks and Reds are good for the Base/Root Chakra
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