Collection: Super Trio Jewellery

Powerful Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Campo del Cielo Pendant
Set in 925 Sterling Silver
Moldavite is known as 'The Holy Grail Stone'. It is the supreme crystal to bring transformation into our lives. Moldavite works on the Heart Chakra and brings new and exciting chapters into our lives. Moldavite opens doors and infuses us with confidence and determination to fulfil our dreams. 
Moldavite is actually a tektite that was formed when a meteorite hit earth in what is now known as the Czech Republic approximately 15 million years ago. As a tektite, it has high cosmic energy fused with that of mother earth.
Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer Diamond opens the Crown Chakra and helps us to connect to the wisdom of our higher self and to the universe.
Herkimer Diamonds are the greatest cleansers of all crystals. They are excellent for keeping other crystals clean, for recharging them and for greatly amplifying their power.
Campo del Cielo
Campo del Cielo is known as ‘The Stone of The Phoenix’. Campo del Cielo helps us raise from challenging and painful experiences into a stronger, more powerful person.
Campo del Cielo awakens our psychic powers, opening doorways to the soul’s life purpose. Campo del Cielo releases Karmic ties to the past.