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Psychic Protection Bracelet

Psychic Protection Bracelet

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Psychic Protection Bracelet - Deluxe Range:

Nuummite, Red Jasper, Labradorite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Prehnite, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Lava Stone and Sterling Silver 

All Natural, all Genuine, High-quality Beads.

Wear this super powerful bracelet for maximum protection.

This wonderful bracelet is our exclusive creation and includes:

Nuummite: Nuummite protects us from Black Magic and other negative evil forces. It is the oldest mineral on Earth. It allows us to tap into Magical and Mystical Powers, allowing us to transform our reality supernaturally. It allows us to journey deep into our psyche, helping us to release negative energies trapped in our subconscious.

Red Jasper: Red Jasper promotes fairness. It offers protection from unfair people and unfair  situations. Red Jasper is helpful for gaining insight into how to ameliorate unfair situations. Red Jasper provides comfort. It stimulates deep emotional healing. 

Labradorite: The most powerful stone for Psychic protection. Additionally, Labradorite enhances psychic abilities, awakens mystical, magical and psychic abilities within us.  Labradorite assists us in accessing the Akashic records, past live recall and also with communicating with higher guides. Labradorite is the most powerful stone for Psychic protection.

Amethyst: Amethyst is the stone of peace. It relieves stress and calms the mind and heart. It alleviates sadness and grief and dissolves negativity. It brings inner peace and peace with those around us. Amethyst helps with improving our sleep and reducing anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is the Stone of Wisdom. It awakens our higher self, instilling us with wisdom, vision and leadership skills. It assists us to problem solve. It stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. It is protective and may be worn to guard against psychic attacks.

Prehnite: Prehnite is known as the Stone of Prophesy. It aids psychic development through meditation, visualization, astral projection and dream work. It is a very psychic and spiritually protective stone. Prehnite helps us to produce heartfelt will power and determination.

Black Tourmaline: Supreme Protection. Black Tourmaline protects us against negative energies and toxic environments. Black Tourmaline dispels negative energies, entities, destructive forces. Black Tourmaline is very grounding and promotes stability.

Hematite: Hematite is protective & grounding. It transforms negative energies into positive ones. Also, it promotes general health and helps to ease pain. Hematite brings calm in times of stress. 

Lava Stone: Lava Stone gives us determination to succeed. This is due to its strong earth and fire energies, as it is formed from magma erupted from volcanoes. Lava Stone's porous surface makes it ideal for using with essential oils.

925 Sterling Silver Bead: Silver carries the qualities of the moon. It is protective, as it works as a mirror, reflecting negative energy from the person wearing it. Like the moon, Silver cleanses the person's aura and negative energy in general. 

When Silver is used with gemstones, Silver amplifies the properties of the stones. It enhances the connection, and the flow of energy between the person wearing it and the stone.

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